Iceland Round 4

Heres just a few of my favourite images from my recent trip to Iceland at the start of 2019

Iceland is a place I can’t describe with words and I would rather let the above photographs tell the story of our recent trip. I first visited Iceland in March 2018 and since have returned a further 3 times in the space of a year, its hard to describe the feeling but when I return to Iceland I feel like I’m back home. This country has some magical hold on a lot of people drawing you in. I travel to a lot of places with work and for fun however I’ve never experienced post trip depression like returning from Iceland, I’ve considered moving here as I feel so strongly about this island. It won’t be long before I’m back thats for sure, for now enjoy these photos and don’t forget to follow the journey on my instagram.

Treepass outdoor shoot in Wales

Tresspass Challenged me to shoot some unique outdoor photos of some of there products. We decided to summit to famous Crib Goch for sunrise, with only 4 hours sleep and a 4am start hiking up in the dark was exciting. Once we had returned from the summit and had breakfast we decided we hadn’t had enough of the amazing Welsh landscape so began planning for sunset. We scrambled up Tryfan late afternoon making it to the top just in time for sunset. followed by a long boring walk back down the back of Tryfan in the dark. where does #Mytresspass take you?

Virtuo Car rental life style shoot

I had the privilege of working alongside Virtuo a new Tech start up company bringing car rental up to speed throughout France and the UK. We worked on a project to create some Autumn UK content for there social and website, heres a few of the results we shot in the Peak District / Sheffield. Combining my love to automotive and lifestyle photography I really enjoyed working on this project and look forward to more in the future.